Dental whitening – all you need to know

Teeth whitening – what is it and how does it work?

Tooth whitening is a common and fairly simple treatment that can be performed at the dentist or at home. One method does not produce better results than the other, but the benefit of making teeth whitening at a dental clinic is that it’s getting faster.

Depending on the treatment method used, it may take anywhere from a few hours to a week’s treatment, but more difficult discoloration usually takes longer. If you have more difficult discoloration, you usually combine the two methods, ie treatment at dental care and at home.

What is a teeth whitening?

A teeth whitening is a chemical process where the bleach breaks down the discolored substances so that they are not as dark anymore. The color of your teeth becomes naturally darker over the years, but they can also be discolored by tobacco, food and drink as well as some diseases. Some may think they want to whiten their teeth to look white and fresh.

Before teeth whitening

Before bleaching your teeth, you must be examined by a dentist or dental hygienist to determine if the discoloration and the appropriate method of use can be bleached. There are some cases when teeth whitening can not be carried out, and it is whether you have thin enamel, smoking, sniffing, pregnancy or breastfeeding. You must also be over 18 years to undergo treatment.

If there is a hole then it must be prepared before the treatment begins and all the teeth must be removed.

The study also makes a preliminary examination of which fillings may need to be replaced to match the bleached teeth when the treatment is complete. The fillings and crowns you have can not be bleached by the bleach.

How does teeth whitening work?

There are different methods of bleaching the teeth, but all are made with bleach. Usually it is a gel that you put on your teeth in combination with light treatment or laser. Before bleaching, you always document the color the teeth have before treatment to see the effect.

If you bleach the teeth of a dentist or dental hygienist, they choose which bleaching agent to use. Then they usually isolate their teeth with a rubber cloth to protect the rest of the mouth from the strong bleach.

If you are going to bleach your teeth at home, the dentist or dental hygienist first takes a prick of teeth. From there, they create a plastic rack that you fill with pale gels and use one to two hours of the day or night, depending on the concentration of the pale gel used. It usually usually suffices three to four days treatment, but in case of severe discoloration, sometimes longer treatment time may be required.

A teeth whitening can have a number of side effects such as anxiety or irritating gums, but they usually go over after a few days.

Results and sustainability

To get the best results from bleaching, avoid eating or drinking something with strong colors during and a few days after treatment. In order to maintain as good a result as possible, use a toothpaste like the extra flour content.

How good the result will be after teeth whitening varies from person to person, and depends, among other things, on the type of discoloration you have, how long it has been, and the original color of the tooth. It is generally easier to bleach yellow and brown discoloration than others, unlike discolourations from metals that are almost impossible. But a bleaching treatment usually lasts for one to three years.

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