Braces – all you need to know


Braces helps to help older and younger people get better teeth and treat bite errors. Information about toothpaste and treatment can be found in this text.

When is braces needed?

  • When the teeth are oblique
  • When the teeth are too tight together
  • When there are large gaps between the teeth
  • When large overbites or underbites exist
  • When betting errors that help you not bite together usually exist
    It’s not as common but you can move a tooth to get a larger toothpick to treat implants

What is needed before getting braces?

  • Thorough examination of a dentist to determine that there are no holes in the teeth or other infections around the root tips or other parts of the jawbone.
  • Functional analysis of the jaw system
  • Important with the analysis of the teeth’s relation to the jaws themselves. In some betting errors, the jaws may need to be moved surgically to provide a good betting function.
  • In some cases, for example, when there is too little space in the jaw, the dentist must pull out teeth through tooth challenge to get rid of the remaining teeth in the bow.
  • As before, it is important to have a thorough investigation before starting a major treatment just like other areas of dental care.


How will the braces integrate on the teeth and how does it work?

The device itself is stuck by sticking small fasteners on the teeth, often called brackets. Then you make a wire of metal through these and this creates the conditions for moving teeth within the jaws with the help of braces.

Does it hurt?

This is an issue that often occurs during treatment and you can generally say that all people are individuals and react differently to pain and stimuli. On the other hand, one can say that most people feel tenderness in the first few weeks of getting the device and the dentist wants to make a dental move. Many patients also have problems with tongue and cheeks sore throat before getting used to the braces.


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